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The modern office design is certainly way different compared to the conventional mix of meeting rooms, open plan, and private offices. In this read, we are going to take look at several creative design ideas that you can use to spruce an existing or when designing a new workplace.

Provide Choice

A modern office should be designed to offer employees a higher degree in regards to choice and an array of spaces where they can do their work, collaborate and even take a break from their desks. Empowering the workers to proactively pick where and how they wish to work is vital and including creative spaces for teamwork, quiet ones for concentration and relaxation spaces can have a substantial impact on not only productivity but also employees well-being.

Design Ideas

Give your workers an array of spaces away from their desks when they can choose to work. When working on space and layout plans, you should consider including the mention spaces for concentration, relaxation, and collaboration in addition to the conventional workstation which is ideally paramount. This should be integrated with safety, however. Safety equipment such as sprinklers need regular maintenance and it is important to give workers from sprinkler maintenance companies plenty of space to work around. This will ensure minimum disruption to the workers.

Make Use of Dead Workplace Space

Each office contains what is known as dead spaces or in-between spaces such as corridors, under stairs, and other places that nobody uses. Utilising these unconventional spaces and turning them into practical and functional workspaces is one of the most prevalent modern workplace design trends. You can transform these spaces into huddle booths, private one-person pods or even informal meeting spaces.

Utilise Natural Light

Biophilic design is another idea that has tremendously influenced modern office design. It is a multi-faceted concept, but natural light is one of its primary elements. Where possible, it is highly recommended that you maximise the use of natural light. This can be done through ideal space planning such as positioning spaces such as the open plan office space where there is the most light. You may ideally want to consider installing glazed partitions so that light can filter through the office.

Design Ideas

Ensure you maximise natural light by focusing on spaces such as the open plan. According to research, workplaces that take optimal advantage of natural light experience an increase in productivity, creativity as well as concentration. This makes natural light an essential consideration as it could potentially improve the office.

Office Wellbeing

The above-mentioned design ideas all embrace workplace wellbeing, but there’s so much more than you can do in order to enhance wellbeing. Examples include getting tall tables sit-stand desks, and even showers to encourage running or cycling at lunch etc.

Design Ideas

Things like bike storage do not eat up a lot of space and can, therefore, be easily integrated into common workspaces. You can complement this by providing fruits, quality coffee and tea options, and healthy snacks. In fact, some companies have even facilitated employee massages and lunchtime yoga, all which lead to a happy and healthy workplace.

Designing for office wellbeing is also not a new concept and more and more organisations are using it as a way to retain their best team members. So, consider creating a staff-centric workplace the next time you want to spruce up the office.

Artwork, Colour and Brand Messages

Colour can make a huge impression and while most organizations prefer using their brand palette, it’s always advisable to consider other tones that subtly show what particular spaces are designed for. For instance, vibrant colours to encourage creativity and collaboration or soft colours to improve collaboration. So, take the plunge and include some colour, art and even brand messages into the office.

In addition to using colour, it is ideally a good idea to include artwork as a prominent feature in key spaces and brand messages through graphics and wall art as a means encouraging and setting a particular tone in the workplace.

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