Reasons to Hire Professional Pest Control Team in the Food Industry

Reasons to Hire Professional Pest Control Team in the Food Industry

In food industry, it is crucial to have some pest management process. All kinds off pest are a threat to business. Their manifestation can be harmful. Fortunately, following some preventive steps and having an integrated pest management program, you have less to be concerned about. With an efficient pest control process, it ensures your food business in Australia will not get penalized or shut down by FSA. Moreover, it will take proper health care of your customers numbering to thousands.

Reasons pest control is crucial for food industry

Pests carry dirt, germs, and diseases. Dangerous bacteria can get transferred to food easily through different means –

  • Urine and feces of pests can instantly contaminate exposed food.
  • Pests deposit food in corners, which get spoiled and causes nasty odors and fumes, which spread through the air conditioners.

Just imagine the cost of replacing spoiled food frequently and having a serious and costly food safety issue on hand.

What preventive measure to take for pest management?

The Pest Company: The Business of Termite Control has been helping the food industry around Australia.


Get your food facility inspected regularly, so any pest lurking around can be identified and taken care of before they manifest further. Check all regular places, where pests regularly invade including break rooms, storage rooms, water sources, receiving docks and other entry points.

After having the property inspected and possible issues identified and handled, you can take preventive measures like create a structural maintenance program, which prohibits pest from entering the facility.

Identification of pests and its treatment method

Different pests mean diverse treatment method to be applied for better effect. After detecting the kind of pests, professionals opt for an appropriate treatment method. Many chemicals are taboo in food factory, so the professionals combine treatment options to eliminate threat efficiently.

Establish pest monitoring system

To stay on top of this pest mess many foods factory owners opt to have professional pest control team to check their property every week or bi-week. Make sure to document pest management program in your audit reports. It accounts for 20% of total score.

Make sure your food facility does not fall victim to pest manifestation. It can put your customer’s health and business reputation at risk.

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