Reasons to Continue Work from Home Even After the Lockdown

Reasons to Continue Work from Home Even After the Lockdown

Malaysia’s MCO has been in the recovery phase since the 10th of June. Many companies have already restarted their normal operations, and others are in the process of doing so. However, firms are putting more care regarding the well-being of their employees and everyone associated with the business. This has also reflected in the guide to resuming business after MCO, given by the government. 

One of the guidelines is to let employees Work from Home and Telecommute whenever possible. Here are some benefits of Working from Home that can help companies no only during the pandemic, but after that as well:

Safety to the Employees

The best way to avoid illnesses is to avoid contact from disease-carrying virus and bacteria. So, working from home is the best way to prevent any kind of sicknesses. 

Even if the lockdown is lifting, we have to understand that the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over. The virus is still as potent and dangerous to people as it was during the full lockdown.

So, Working from Home is a great way for employees to keep themselves safe from not only coronavirus but other communicative diseases as well.

Saving Time with Better Use of Resources

In 2011 already, around 61% of the Malaysian population had internet access. The percentage is going to be a lot higher in the next census. This is to say that the internet is readily available in every part of the country, and people are used to operating computers. 

Most of your employees will easily be able to learn to work from home with the familiarity they have with computer devices and different kinds of software. So, they can easily work from the place they like, rather than having to spend time and money to travel from one location to another.

Efficient Work

There is going to be less stress and your employees will feel more freedom when they can work from home. Furthermore, they will have nothing to complain about the workplace; the company doesn’t need to be liable for any disturbances in the ‘office.’ All this is going to result in more efficient work quality.

Remember, to see if you are allowed to run your Business in conditional MCO before reopening the operations.  


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