Why Rebranding is must for your company

by Andrew Johnson | August 6, 2018 5:59 pm

There are a wide variety of reasons why a company would choose to rebrand their image, product or service. The notion of rebranding refers to the marketing strategy implemented when a company chooses to change their logo, name, terms, design symbols or any combination thereof; the intent is to give consumers and shareholders a fresh new take and differentiated identity that rejuvenates the brand. Here are a few important points to consider to ensure that your company will benefit from being given a facelift.

Before you invest a lot of time and money into learning how to rebrand a company[1], you need to first establish the reasons why you feel your company needs a fresh image. If you have new products or services that would benefit from a fresh new company image that includes vehicle wrapping and a new marketing campaign or logo, rebranding may be the perfect solution. Companies also rebrand to shed a negative image, overcome bankruptcy or acquisition or give new relatable appeal that is appropriate with the times.

Utilize your most valuable asset: your employees. Your staff members are most likely brimming with ideas on ways you can gain new clients and customers through rebranding. With the help of your employees, you can send out polls, surveys and questionnaires to your existing clients to gauge their input and opinions.

Once you determine the areas of your business you will be rebranding, you can allot a set amount of money towards the marketing campaign. Some companies only need to spruce up their website or social media presence. Others need a complete restructure and a whole new line of products and services in order to give new life to the brand.

The final stages of rebranding include creating a new company logo and mission statement. You should arrange to have a press release written that announces your new direction and official relaunch date. You may want to perform a test run on social media or through surveying your clients, vendors and customers to ensure that the rebranding is successful. A well-planned rebranding campaign can breathe new life into your business.

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