Shredding Service – How Your Business Could Be In Trouble If You Don’t Have One

Shredding Service – How Your Business Could Be In Trouble If You Don’t Have One

Making sure that your company’s confidential, important documents and records are properly shredded is hugely important. If you don’t have any safe secure shredding services, your company is at risk of wasting money and at risk of a security leak. Here are just some of the benefits of secure shredding services.

Over time, the cost of in-house shredding actually exceeds the cost of outsourced shredding. Some companies choose in-house shredding as they think it’s a way to save money, however, over time in-house shredding fees tend to pile up. Repairs that your shredding machine might need, along with regularly ensuring that it’s an up to date model that’s fully efficient can hit your budget hard. Not only that, but you also have to factor in employee time- if you’re choosing to shred in-house, your employees will have to spend time shredding papers when they could be working on more important tasks.

Repairs and maintenance fees can pile up quickly when it comes to working with an office shredder. Office shredders can be finicky, especially some of the older models. This can mean that you’re faced with regular paper jams, wasting time and patience. There are also safety concerns that you need to consider, especially large office machines- if employees aren’t properly trained and aren’t taking the necessary precautions, injuries can occur when working with paper shredders. Paper shredding also poses a fire hazard. If there’s a paper jam in the shredder and it isn’t fixed, the heat from the shredder could cause a fire.

You also need to consider the volume of documents. Depending on the size of your business, a delay of just a few days could cause a back-up of hundreds of documents. This volume could quickly become unmanageable for employees, and that risks the potential of mistakes. This then means that documents might not be disposed of properly, and that could cause all sorts of problems for your business.

A secure shredding service is more than capable of handling very high volumes of documents, which eliminates the issues that are in place when you choose in-house shredding. It also takes the pressure off of your employees and makes sure that the job is done properly every time.

Another risk if you’re not using a secure shredding service is that your employees probably aren’t fully and properly trained on document security and confidentiality. Shredding is a hugely important part of your data management, as it makes sure that all of your confidential and private information is securely disposed of. If your employees who haven’t had the full training are in charge of disposing of these confidential documents, you run the risk that these documents might just be thrown out rather than securely shredded.

When you use a secure shredding service, you know that all of your confidential and private documents and records are properly destroyed and then disposed of. You can know for sure that your company is safe from security breaches and leaked information.


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