Sign Up for the Right Funeral Plan this Spring

Sign Up for the Right Funeral Plan this Spring

Spring is just round the corner. Set out a budget for the new season? Let’s do it if you have not done it already. And, if you have, then let’s review it once again. Have you included all possible expenses? Did you include funeral insurance? Think it would add unnecessarily to your budget? Absolutely not!

Funeral insurance is one of the most essential policies to have, believe it or not. Why, you ask? Because you can save your dear family from a lot of financial trouble later on. When you pass, your family would already be grieved by the incident, and if they day have to deal with finances in these stressful times, it would make it even harder for them. So, this new season, new life plans should be on your to-do list. Buy funeral insurance, and ascertain that your family does not have to face the burden of your expenses.

I haven’t really gotten funeral insurance

Let’s make this policy really simple – coverage for your expenses. Funeral insurance, also referred to as pre-need insurance, covers all your burial costs. The total amount varies from provider to provider, but is usually between $4,000 and $30,000.

Your family can get all the money lump sum, within 24 hours from when they make a claim.

Got it, I am on the look for providers now

Now that you are convinced you require funeral insurance, let’s talk about how you can find a great provider.

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Conduct a search

Search online for companies that offer funeral insurance such as Freedom Insurance. Get details on their plan, and also ask for a quote.

Ask for references or check reviews

Ask your insurance provider for various references, and then try talking to them. You should also check the internet for online reviews.

Or maybe talk to your friends, and see if anyone of them already has funeral insurance. And, if they don’t, then make it a point to convince them as well!

Understand the premiums

Funeral insurance features two premiums: levelled and step premiums. The former of these remain the same throughout the course of your policy, so you are assured that your policy remains affordable till the end. On the other hand, stepped premiums continue to increase. They are affordable initially, but down the road, they can significantly add to your expenses.

Find out about premium caps

Some insurance policies offers a premium cap through which you can stop paying the monthly amounts if the total amount that you have paid reaches the sum insured. Premiums may also be capped when you cross a certain age.

Consider additional benefits

Funeral insurance policy may offer some extra features. For instance, you can avail payout guarantees which ascertain that your family is paid the greater amount between the sum insured and the total premium amount. Accidental death coverage also provides some financial relief to your family if you pass away during an accident.

So, get funeral insurance, and provide the necessary coverage to your family this new season!

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