Six Features to Look Out for When Selecting A Safety Harness

Six Features to Look Out for When Selecting A Safety Harness

A harness is an essential safety device for work at height and those that involve constant positioning. Over time, harnesses have been modified from the basic webbing straps to an all-inclusive safety device which has made work at a height even safer. But the challenge still remains that a lot of contractors and workers do not take their time to consider the harness best suited for their work needs.

However, there are certain features users should always look out for when making their choice of a safety harness thus;


#1: Quick-connect buckles

The quick-connect buckle is a modified feature in the harness which grips the worker in position. In some, the adjustment points can be lock and unlocked in addition to components which prevents the straps from loosening after their lengths have been appropriately set.


#2: Webbing

Depending on your needs, recent harnesses are designed with ergonomic options such as stretching webbing which increases freedom of movement and provides comfort. Other options include paint-resistant coatings, liquid-resistant coating and the heat-resistant webbing specific for electricians and welders.


#3: Weight

The weight of the harness contributes to the comfort and safety of the user, especially during a rigorous or prolonged work. The seats and padding of the harness should be light and removable. However, it is important to first consider the kind of climbing to be carried out.


#4: Padding

Padding in the harness gives comfort while in use. It also provides a protective layer in case of a fall or in post-fall suspension. The padding also helps give shape to the harness and makes it easier for wrapping around the body. In some harnesses, padding can be detached and washed.


#5: Safety accessories

In choosing a safety harness, safety accessories should be considered. Safety accessories make up essential components of harnesses. For example, the tell-tale indicators alert users on how safe a harness is to use. They are more reliable than the conventional incident reports and issues early warning to users on the state of the harness to be used.




#6: Integrated features

Integrated features range from the more generic upgrades to highly specialized new features designed for specific industries. For example, the upright spring-loaded dorsal d-rings which enable better alignment in case of a fall. Others include; the suspension-relief straps, anti-scratch padding, inflatable life vests for offshore works etc.

Today, there are lots of advancements in the fall-protection features. This has led to increased awareness of the need for users to customize their choice of the harness to suit their need. However, users are to be meticulous with key components and features appropriate for specific tasks. That is why it is a good idea approaching professionals to help you with the job. Nouvelle Hauteur is a good place to start.

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