Six tips for team building events

Six tips for team building events

Not all employees are keen on team building events, but academic research suggests that these activities are worthwhile and benefit not only the company, but staff too.

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The aim is to create an event which encourages teamwork in a manner which not only can be transferred back to the workplace, and repay the investment which the company is undertaking, but which also allows employees to take part in an event which they enjoy.

From the employer’s point of view, the first thing they must do is carry out a risk assessment for the activity. It is important to understand that the employer has a legal duty to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of employees in all activities that are carried out as part of the employee’s work.

Here are some tips on how to organise such an event.

1. Event management companies

First of all, find a professional provider. Wherever you are looking for event management companies Dublin, Dundalk or Derry, you will find options online. Why not check out the event management companies Dublin has to offer, for example.

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2. Schedule
Make sure you schedule the event during working hours. Employees do not want to give up their own time to take part in an activity. Ideally, it will take place during the working week, not on a weekend when staff have other commitments.

3. Teamwork not competition

The aim is to encourage teamwork. Although there will be an element of competition, try to encourage collaboration during the exercise.

4. Volunteer work

Can you use the event to engage your company with the community you are located in? Staff will relate to this and you will encourage the feel-good factor amongst them if they can see something which impacts locally.

5. Accessibility
Make sure that the tasks you set are accessible to everyone. Physical challenges may not be everyone’s cup of tea. By making the event enjoyable for everyone, you show yourself to be a considerate employer.

6. An away day

By taking employees off-site, you will make the event special, and encourage discussions amongst staff, helping them to enjoy the day.

Finally, take time to ensure everyone understands the expectations of the day, and make sure you get good feedback from all participants. This will help you to plan the next team building exercise.

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