Supply and Deliver Sand, Soil and Gravel and Other Information

Supply and Deliver Sand, Soil and Gravel and Other Information

Gravel and sand businesses function in one of 2 main ways; they either store and deliver sand, gravel and rockor they also take part in the actual quarrying and manufacturing of the raw material. The success of both gravel and sand companies; rest on the demand locally for any sand or other aggregated resources and the sum of competition in this area.


These enterprises have an assortment of soils for landscaping. They use local soils that have already proven to yield gardens that are wonderful to guarantee that the customers get the type of soil for their project. They can source almost any type of soil or gravel required from high quality organic soil to basic trade mixes.

Soil types include

  • Under turf
  • Topsoil
  • Organic soil
  • Garden Mix


  • Forest Mulch – available in coarse, medium or fine
  • Tea tree mulch
  • Cypress mulch

River Stone

  • Decorative pebble 20mm
  • Crushed pebble 20 mm
  • Quarried sandstone from 300mm to 600mm
  • Riverstone

These businesses provide the following:

  • Sell bulk quarry products, scalps, dust, road-base, gravels, sand and drainage of all types.
  • Sell bulk landscaping, under-turf, garden mix, organic soils, a variety of mulch.
  • Hire out trucks – 10m Tippers, Trucks and Dogs, Bobcats, Excavators.
  • Logistics.

These businesses are service driven so ask them what all they can do. Whatever it is, they can probably source it. Their clients range from private individuals to civil contractors such as plumbers, electricians, concreter landscapers. No job too big or small.

Road base materials

They supply a variety of road base materials; form the basic scalps to virgin rock that is certified road-base. This material is graded and consists of varies aggregates from coarse to very fine which enables it to compact well. This product has an assortment of uses, not limited to the following examples: under slab material, pavement and road construction, driveways, footpaths, basic access tracts and stand areas that are hard.

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