Terrible Sales Tactics You Need To Avoid

Terrible Sales Tactics You Need To Avoid

 Over the years there has been a lot of sleazy and deceptive tactics used in telesales. Many people rely on lying and deceiving to get their sales.

So here’s some tactics you should avoid to be a better salesperson.

  1. Don’t call his mobile. Calling someone’s mobile phone is a very private thing to do, especially if you’ve never spoken to them before. Just because it’s on the end of an email signature, does not mean you should go ahead and call them. Reserve the mobile phone number for when you have explicit permission to call them on that number.Image result for Terrible Sales Tactics You Need To Avoid
  1. Don’t try to go round the assistant. Work with them, and you will probably get through faster if you are polite and courteous to them.
  1. Don’t tell fibs and say you’re returning a call. Deception is a terrible telesales tactic, and it will build a relationship on distrust right from the get go.
  1. Don’t send the same email twice in quick succession. It looks needy and too pushy. The first one will have been delivered, so don’t think sending a second will speed things along.
  1. Don’t send lots of duplicate emails at the same time. You’ll just annoy your customers, not encourage them to buy from you.
  1. Don’t send over personal emails if you don’t know them. Don’t feign concern in their health and wellbeing, because it appears disingenuous and very fake.
  1. Don’t send spam emails. Untargeted emails do a lot of damage to a customer relationship. You shouldn’t have any need to send them spammy emails.
  1. Never text! You’re a telesales person. You should never, ever text a client. It looks unprofessional and just plain lazy. If you want to talk to them, then phone them instead.
  1. Don’t interact with them on social media when you don’t know them. If you know them, then by all means go ahead and message them if you need to. Add some value to your message though; don’t make it all about you.

There is no place for lying and deceiving when it comes to making honest and trustworthy sales with your clients. Every successful salesperson does it the same way, and will have been trained in the right way to do this. If you feel like your telesales team could benefit from some telesales training, try following this link http://www.simonkenna.co.uk.

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