The correct Attitude to start a Blog

The correct Attitude to start a Blog

Starting a blog has never been a difficult task for anyone. It’s a matter of a free theme and putting it on WordPress. The main part is running it, updating itand making it successful makes the difference. People start a blog, update it once, then forget about & sleep over the thought of ever taking it to the path of becoming popular. We understand that it’s not a smooth ride, but it’s not that of a daunting task. You simply just need time & patience & primarily a reason to run your blog as everefficiently.

There can be many reasons as for why you want to start a blog; you want to talk about your adventures in life, share your life-changing experiences, wants to review services & products or something of that sort. While thinking to start a blog, you might have been inspired by some popular blogger’s blog & their strategy to make money. But that inspiration has a back story which you mostly have been unaware of. We are going to do just that in this article, by bringing all those ground work or “research” as they call it, in your notice.

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First of all, all successful bloggers are rigorous readers. While their primary focus is to write something readable, they follow some rules to read something regularly. It helps them getting in touch with the new updates & other writer’s perspective. When you read extensively, you learn something and earning is an ever growing process which is the key to success. It doesn’t have to be a Gazette; it could be anything a daily newspaper, a blog, a magazine, a book and further on any topic written by anyone. Interestingly, those pieces will help you make your unique writing style while admiring few of the best writing or judging the crappy ones. Try and be something different which is not usual. Do not follow a monotonous routine, be unique in your way and prove it. Trust us, people will notice you gradually.

Now once you are rightly inspired to start your blog, you must focus on the niche you are going to write about. Chose a niche that you are best at, you can confident about, and you know like the back of your hand. The reason is simple;you will not think of quitting if you are not making money in the initial phase. After selecting a topic, you will need a domain &web-hosting to get your blog live. Chose a catchy & attractive domain that best represents your niche. It should not be serious or complicated that readers need Thesaurus to understand & not so funky that readers don’t find it worth reading. Also, invest in a shared hosting initially, though free hosting will seem like an appropriate choice but the slow loading time & down time will frustrate your readers. Losing readers in the initial phase will be as disheartening & discouraging as losing your pet! And once your blog starts getting more traffic then you can always switch to a dedicated hosting.

So far, you are doing good. You have your motivation to write; you have a hosting, domain and will to start a blog. Now what? You will need a platform or CMS. Chose a platform that best suits your need. If you are not a novice, then we suggest you go for WordPress. Being the most preferred CMS & most reliable one, users vouch onits design, flexibility &customization level. With that, you will be no longer worrying about other aspects of your blog like editing, updating & creating new content. Just install a good theme and set your WordPress dashboard using these Premium WordPress Plugins for 2017.

And once you are done finalizing your primary requirements, SEO knowledge will come handy. Believed to be incomprehensive, it is actually easy to learn for all bloggers. Spend few hours to learn the basics, then as the practice makes it perfect, you will be an expert on it in no time. Infact,you will learn many tricks to generate traffic on your site, monetize your blog and much more. And as we said, learning is an ever growing process, and successful are those who are committed to learning.

We have tried to cover almost every fundamental point to start a blog. So, brace yourself and have a headstart with your blog. Also, join the groups & forums & put forward your suggestions & doubts. We as a community can help each other out. So best of luck & Welcome Blogger!


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