The Secrets on How to Manifest Wealth

The Secrets on How to Manifest Wealth

Money manifesting is all about the energy that people bring to the experience. The more open and playful people can be with the world, the more likely it is that their vibration is buzzing at a suitable frequency when it comes to welcoming the cash. But when people manifest cash from frequencies of lack and desperation, it can block and backfire the flow of funds faster than flushing water down the toilet.

But what if we desire to manifest their money quickly? How do they choose to feel inspired and not feel fearful? How do people rise above desperation when they are running out of cash? The energy that we bring when it comes to money can be a sore spot for a lot of individuals, which is why it is imperative to be high-spirited with the process.

A lot of us have been there before

Yes, a lot of us have been broken at some point in our lives (well except for people rich enough to spend their money without thinking about the consequences). We are not talking about ” can’t afford movie tickets” kind of broken. We are talking about zero-dollars in our bank account to feed our family for a couple of days.

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For most of us, it was probably the lowest point in everyone’s lives. There were times that we walk around supermarkets wondering how we can get the funds to buy food for the family before the next payday. The pain of getting broke is very embarrassing to a lot of individuals, and most, if not all of us promised that it would never happen again.

Some of us stay true to that promise, but some people came back to that awful situation. But each time, it became less and less complicated and more and more manageable because our experiences helped us build the necessary strength, resilience and ability to deal with this type of situation.

We all look back at these situations as beautiful blessings since it makes us fully conscious of where we came from – the place where we desperately broke and the place where we are afraid to go back in the future – and the person we want to become, financially stable and trusting the process. Listed below are some tips on what to do to create abundance and align ourselves with the universe.

Set intentions

Make sure to take time in getting clear on the amount of cash you want to achieve, as well as the time it will take to get it. The world loves specificity. If we are not clear on what we want to attract, we will be manifesting by default. It will attract all kinds of nasty surprises when we least expect it. Everything comes down to how powerful our intent is. When people put their energy behind a clear vision of what they want in their life, they intentionally create wealth manifestation and flows of abundance.

Imprint the subconscious mind and imprint the energy

This practice is very powerful and can help individuals get them into space where they welcome prosperity, surround themselves with the energy of abundance and feel worthy of it. There are a lot of ways that people can do this. Suggestions include dressing up in our best clothes, be grateful and thankful for what we have right now, and repeating affirmations and mantras that can help us rewire our feelings about having money.

Feel as if money has already manifested

People must see themselves as if the abundance of cash has already been manifested. We must give thanks for the prosperity they are experiencing and will experience despite the reality of what they are being presented with. It is the ultimate key when it comes to unlocking people’s desires from the etheric space. The best way to do this is to practice a manifesting meditation or creative visualization that can help evoke the feeling of having wealth and not craving it.

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Send a lot of loving energy to the flow of money

Paychecks make everyone happy, while bills, make us put on cranky pants with anxiety and annoyance. We need to rewire this kind of mindset to get out of the way. Every time individuals feel pissed off after getting utility bills, we actively choose to block our flow of abundance, and we are inviting more expenses and bills. Nothing in this world is as expensive as an attitude that blocks prosperity flows. People need to learn how to love our funds. After all, it is just energy.

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