Things to look for in a cloud consultant

Things to look for in a cloud consultant

Like any other business services, cloud computing requires consultants and professionals. With increasing use and popularity of cloud computing, the cloud market is estimated to go up from $287.8 to $383 billion by 2020. Additionally, IDC has registered an increase in the spending by companies in cloud computing at a rate of 4.5 times since 2009. IT services Virginia Beach consider it as a massive growth in the need for cloud consultancies and consultant.

But how a business can ascertain that the consultant they are hiring is capable of handling cloud system effectively. Here are the points to keep in mind while selecting a Cloud Consultant for your business:

Knows your industry: No two enterprises are formed the same and so their cloud requirements. Thus, when hiring a consultant for your cloud computing needs, choose the one who is capable of providing you with expert supervision and network assistance. Choose a network support company that offers computing solutions that align with the needs of your business and supports the existing IT infrastructure.

Technical savvy: The cloud technology is filled with complexities. Companies offering cloud services provide a plethora of services. But having someone who can execute cloud strategies is as essential as having someone who can provide various solutions.

Compliance acumen: The movement of data from premises to cloud requires compliance with rules and regulations. Major cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft promises to comply by HIPAA. When choosing a cloud consultant, go for the one who is familiar with these rules and regulations.

A trusted partner: Working with consultant means to rely on them for assistance. It requires a certain level of understanding to work hand in hand with the external team. Eventually, they become an extended part of the team. Thus it is essential to choose a team or a professional whom you can trust and rely on.  

Proven success: It is essential to ask for the previous work they have undertaken and clients they have assisted. Find out if they have or are helping businesses from your industry.  Since the cloud is relatively old technology, be wary from consultants who would take you to experiment their solutions. Find a team who is experienced enough to tackle all your business’s cloud networking needs.

Plan long-term: Migrating to cloud from an on-premise storage system is not a one time job. It is an ongoing process that can go on for years. Hiring a cloud consultant for your business means having a partner who would assist your company for a long time. Ask where they see the partnership in four years from today. Find out what plans they have in place to make the company more compatible.

Their promise to you: Any team you chose to handle your cloud computing task must be transparent in their dealings. They must be clear about the services they are offering and work policies they have adopted. Ensure that the consultant documents the agreements and processes, and makes changes there in it requires. The contract must state the mode of communication and how to resolve disputes.  

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