Top 5 Pipeline Inspection Companies

Top 5 Pipeline Inspection Companies


A digital visual form of checking the quality of piper in the harsh condition is known as pipeline inspection. Inspection by human physical contact isn’t possible due to the small diameter of the pipes. Usually, pipeline inspection companies use various methods to monitor pipelines from advanced technology to patrolling the pipeline. The visual inspections are done regularly – either by walking, flying or using drones. The industry also uses electronic monitoring high-tech control rooms inside the pipeline. There are various things to be done to maintain the pipeline and most of the pipeline inspection companies provide several services to the pipelines. 

They watch all the time, and any change is immediately transmitted to the control room and sometimes set off an alarm.

Cleaning the pipeline would be a task of utmost importance. Since most pipelines are metallic, corrosion must be avoided.

Keeping an eye on the pipelines helps reducing geohazard risks and therefore, also protecting the environment.

Inspecting the inside of the pipe to check the integrity of the pipe and assuring no leaks are possible.

As always, various pipeline inspection companies provide services concerning the pipeline inspection. 

Let us look at the below list of pipeline inspection companies: –

Global Energy Group:

A service-focused, performance-driven and maintenance and enhancement solutions to a diverse range of industries. They believe in committing to the creation of opportunities through talent identification. They recognize the importance of core values and therefore, will work on balancing the various principles on every level.

ULC Robotics:

Leading in product development and engineering services for the gas and oil fields. ULC operates under four divisions capable of performing a wide range of specialized services to accommodate the industries that are their clients. Their technical team specializes in the deployment, operation and field maintenance of complex robotic systems, inspection crawlers and camera systems.

Pure Technologies:

Patented technology-driven solution providing firm. They prioritize the safety and well-being of their clients and employees. They don’t stick to the old school thinking. They are open to out-of-the-box creativity and experimenting, leading to a joyous work environment with efficiency.


They promise to deliver tech services that will fulfil the energy requirements of the current world as well as the future. They respect and follow core values. Responsibility and commitment in every aspect of their work are of utmost importance to them. They focus on diversity and are aware of the impact of their actions on the future and the environment.


They make sure the client forms a completely informed decision. They have reliable testing processes and ease your certification processes. Their purpose is to bring quality and safety to life. Their vision states ‘To be the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance.’ They value diversity, hope to do the right always, ensure trust and therefore win together.

These are among the top companies that provide for pipeline inspection. They believe in achieving together and also ensure environmental safety along with human safety!


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