Top Lighting Creations of BecBrittain

Top Lighting Creations of BecBrittain

Based in New York, BecBrittain is well-known for designing product and lightings. She studied product design in Parsons, philosophy in NYU and architecture in The Architectural Association. Starting from producing customized hardware for doors, Brittain gained interest in metal works. In Brooklyn, she opened her very own studio in 2011 and created the SHY Light which then became her signature product.

Today, Brittain continues to experiment with new techniques and materials and creates centerpiece lightings produced in New York. Each piece that is handmade and inspected by the designer.

Featured in countless publications like the Elle DÉCOR, Wallpaper magazine, The New York Times, and Case Da Abitare, most of her  BecBrittain’s clients belong to the list of top architects and designers around the world.

Here we give you a sneak peek at some of BecBrittain’s top lighting creations.

  1. SHY Lighting

Considered as Bec’s signature creation, the SHY light makes use of thin LED tubes to create a beautiful lighting. The LED tubes make the lighting’s edges and shape. The hardware can be rearranged to show different shapes and sizes. The piece works great for any space and room. It can be adjusted to suit the needs of the area.

  1. Zelda

The Zelda lighting is encased in brass material and is suspended to show a variety of planar forms. Zelda comes in various sizes, shapes, and configurations which makes it possible for the light to adapt to different types of spaces. Zelda is flexible enough to be arranged in a diamond shape, into geometric orbits or linked together like a chain.

  1. Helix

Made from brass hardware, Helix is composed of a central support with wrapped LED tubes. The product is available in any standard brass finish and with a stone counterweight.

  1. Seed

The Seed Lighting used the seed crystal which symbolizes order from chaos as its inspiration. The armature of round tubes outlines the chaos while the presence of the seeds creates order. The Seed Lighting is available in four different seed chandelier designs, a seed pendant, and a seed sconce.

  1. Vise

The Vise lighting is excellent in creating a soft glow around the room. With the use of a double-fade glass, Vise somewhat mimics a sunset at the beach, and its glass colorway is named after a specific sunset. The lighting has a brass claw that engulfs a glass globe that is hand blown.

  1. Crane Series

The Crane Series is composed of different designer lamps which feature a bronze body and inspired by cranes. The Kawari Crane designer lamp is the first of the series and is referenced from the shapes of ancient helmets of the Japanese. It has a curved glass feature where the tube wraps around a cylinder.

  1. Maxhedron

Another fantastic lighting created by BecBrittain is the Maxhedron. The Maxhedron is a type of lighting that has a mirrored surface which reflects the surroundings when turned off. When turned on, the surface turns translucent, and all the lights transform into points which form a constellation.

To check out the other lighting creations of BecBrittain, check out her website.

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