Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas (2018)

In the commercial real estate realm, marketing is critical for you to stand out from all the noise in the market. Therefore, it is paramount to have real marketing strategies that improve your visibility and help you stand out from in a crowded market. Keeping in mind that the CRE market is growing and getting even more crowded, we have compiled a list of the best marketing ideas in today’s digital age that will help you get ahead of your competition.

Herein are the best marketing strategies for real estate marketing purposes.

#1. Use a Responsive Website

At the core of any real estate marketing efforts is a responsive website. A joint study by LoopNet and Google revealed that more than 80% of investors and tenants use the internet to as part of their purchase and or leasing experience. This means that your website will play a significant role in enabling you to get brand visibility and, importantly, attracting tenants and buyers for your company. However, it is not just a matter of having a website. The website should have a stellar user experience for it to be effective at attracting and retaining investors and tenants. Therefore, your website must be responsive

#2. Create Videos

Videos are powerful at communicating. However, they are seldom used by CRE marketers. They provide an additional means for website users to interact with and learn more about the products you are offering. Furthermore, videos have the ability to elicit excitement in your website users. This inherently encourages the traffic to spend while still on the website.

On the grand scheme of things, videos also build your company’s brand by helping you showcase what your company is all about, who you are a company, and the sort of properties you deal with. This will make you stand out from your competition.

#3. Maximise SEO Visibility

Keep in mind that more and more investors and tenants are using search engines to find commercial properties that meet their need. As such, there is a case to be made for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Developing and using an effective SEO strategy that ticks all the boxes ensures that you maximise your website’s potential to generate “free traffic” by being listed high up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

#4. Use Google Ads to Run Targeted Ad Campaigns

Google ads offer CRE marketer an efficient, fast, and importantly, scalable means to target potential investors and tenants looking for properties online. This programmatic form of advertising allows you to target and showcase your products and service to users in a specific location in the SERPs. You can also run retargeted ads for people who have visited your website or your competitors’ websites. In a nutshell, it is the fastest way to get your offer to potential customers’ eyeballs.

#5. Create a Strong and Stellar Presentation

Are you looking for an effective way to convey your brand’s message and communicate your products and services to potential customer and clients? Develop a stellar presentation featuring high-quality articles that captivate the imagination of every potential client or customer. Such a presentation will leave a lasting impression a factor that has the potential to increase your return on investment. As such, invest in professionally written presentations that are targeted, engaging, and compelling.

#7. Use High-Quality Professional Photos

If you are after the “wow” factor, you should consider using high-quality professional photos. The photos you use to advertise your properties play a critical part in generating the first impression. As such, you need to use the best quality of photos to ensure you create an impressive first impression with any potential client or customer. The photos you use in your brochures, presentations, listings, OMs etc, should be of the highest quality possible from reputed property marketing companies like Four Walls.

#8. Use Drone Photography to Impress

Drone videography and photography has become cheaper and more accessible to the mass market. Commercial real estate marketers should consider using this new photography frontier to impress their potential clients and customers. Using HD images and videos shot from a drone is a sure way of creating the “wow” factor.

#9. Nurture Your Relationships

Commercial real estate market is a relationship-driven industry. Unfortunately, many CRE marketers tend to forget about the importance of relationship building by neglecting their existing clients while chasing a new client or customer. CRE marketer should dedicate time every week, monthly, or at the very least quarterly to reach out to the already established network and clients and customers. It is a simple case of using sharing new insight and new knowledge through social media (especially LinkedIn and Twitter).

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