Top Tips and What Should Be Included to Design Your Own Quality Letterhead

“January is usually the month whereby a number of the smaller business owners will analyse their marketing materials and branding and decide if they need a total revamp or some slight tweaking” says a spokesperson for Tower Press. To assist you with these factors we have written up various articles that you can use to revamp your own brand.

Creating the best letterhead is often a complex task when you struggle with the decisions associated with these processes. This is a time to step-back and consider the actual basics. Let’s begin by offering a refresher on some of the legal requirements.

  • Sole traders have to include their VAT number, the personal name if it is different from the name of the company, the business address.
  • The limited companies must feature the “fully-registered” company name, the place of this registration, registration number, Vat number and registered address.
  • The partnership companies have the very same requirements when compared to sole traders which will also include the names of the partners, the primary office address. In the event whereby the amount of partners is too extensive to list on one letterhead, you should provide a location where these names can be located.
    There will also be standard requirements that have to be adhered to. These include logos, telephone numbers, VAT numbers, fax numbers, what this business is about (the nature), e-mail addresses, correspondence addresses, website URLs as well as social media when applicable.

The above mentioned are crucial requirements. Here is some advice on creating an eye-catching, appealing and tactile letterhead in order to avoid common pitfalls many businesses make.

Think About Simplicity

Guiding principles related to the design of letterheads is to ensure the end result is simple. Letterheads do not serve the purpose of selling services or goods to recipients, it is rather a delivery mechanism. If your letterheads are too busy, consider simplifying.

Think About the Details

Dependent on where your letterhead is sent to, you may be required to consider specific details. For example, if the business you send to no longer uses fax machines, it would be wise to remove this number. You should concentrate on tailoring your letterheads to the departments that they will be arriving at.

Representing Your Brand

A letterhead offers businesses with a good opportunity on how to correctly represent themselves in the way of positioning branding information in prominent positions. The imagery, font and colour scheme that you decide on play a significant role in the branding efforts of your business.

Alignment and Positioning Matters

The shape and size of letterheads should involve all the decisions you make in association to the placements of all the design elements. The image shapes should be balanced in order to achieve a design that is strategically connected.

Use Colours With Caution

The use of colours must be done in the correct way when it comes to letterheads. When wanting to attract attention to specified areas on the letterhead use colours to highlight these areas. This tool is crucial and will either break or make the success of the design. For this reason you may want to look at other companies’ letterheads to get an idea on what colours work best.

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