Types of Tiles Sold by ADA Solutions and Their Applications 

Types of Tiles Sold by ADA Solutions and Their Applications 

ADA Solutions Inc. is an innovative North American detectable warning services provider firm with an experience of over 20 years. The detectable warning tile solutions company continues to scoop one prestigious industry award after the next for its unwavering commitment to excellence and quality. The company offers different Types of Tiles. 

 Road Safety

ADA Solutions specializes in designing and building public access products that enhance the safety and welfare of the visually and the mobility impaired persons. By working in close collaboration with other like-minded companies, ADA Solutions has most certainly saved the lives of countless disabled folks. They are now 100% safe while on the busy highways and roads defining our urban concrete jungles.  ADA’s great growth and financial prospects are driven by the insatiable demand for superior quality tactile system products in the local and global manufacturing space.

 Warning Plate’s Applications

In 2018, the law dictates that the following public places ought to have detectable warning plates fitted. That is done to ensure the safety of the handicap population of the street pedestrian population. ADA Solutions Inc. fits warning tiles on:-

  • Handicap Ramps
  • Curb Ramps
  • Bus or train station platform edge
  • Handicap Ramps
  • On refuge islands longer than 6 feet
  • On vehicular and pedestrian intersections on retail exit points

Today, ADA Solution’s has extended its tentacles outside the US and the detectable warning services provider has a pronounced presence in South and Central America. The behemoth tile manufacturer has a thriving network comprising of up to 1500 affiliate warning surfaces distributors.

Impressive Portfolio

ADA’s impressive portfolio reports that the firm has so far successfully installed well over 65 million square feet of superb quality detectable warning tiles in America. ADA Solutions is poised for even greater success and growth in the years ahead and that has everything to do with the company knows how to treat their customers like royalty.

Here’s a brief introduction to the game-changing and revolutionary detectable warning systems and products by the award-winning ADA Solutions Inc.,

  • The Replaceable Cast-In-Place system
  • The Surface Applied retrofitting solution
  • The Cast in Place panel solution
  • The Innovative and Accurate Radius system

It’s paramount to note that the above solutions and systems have their unique pros and demerits. If possible, discuss with a certified detectable warning system services provider to learn more about critical aspects of the fiberglass polymer, composite material, and overall structural support.

 Tile Qualities

ADA Solutions stands tall for many varied reasons and attributes. One thing is certain, however, the latest products by the detectable warning plate’s manufacturer come with the following positive qualities: The plates are strong and durable, weather resistant, slip resistance and 100% Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

Check out on ADA website to know about how detectable warning surfaces function and their importance to both the impaired and the regular pedestrians on the busy and dangerous American roads and streets.

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