Don’t Make These 12 Mistakes – Your Ultimate Help Guide for Starting a Jewelry Business

Don’t Make These 12 Mistakes – Your Ultimate Help Guide for Starting a Jewelry Business

Starting a jewelry business requires perfect planning. You could get lost in the artistic details and forget to focus on the business details. When starting this business, there are several aspects that you cannot ignore, like having a bank account for business, choosing a registered brand name, pricing, etc.

1. Keeping business and personal account same

This can be tempting for a beginner, as it requires efforts on your part to have a separate bank account and a personal account.

2. Know your audience

When you design have clarity on the age group that will buy your jewelry.

3. Don’t design random jewelry items

Have a consistency in designing jewelry. Choose design elements and stick to them. This can be expressed in the entire collection.

4. Price jewelry professionally

Do not sacrifice your mark up price if you want to make a business and money by selling artisan pieces of pearl jewelry.

5. Spend on high quality photographs

This one aspect cannot be ignored, especially if you are planning to sell it online. High quality pictures of jewelry get more conversion. Spend on hiring a professional photographer to catalogue the images.


6. Build relations before selling

You can post pictures saying coming soon. Before that interact with customers and build valuable relation with them. This will come handy in the long run.

7. Market your work consistently

Advertising, marketing, and promotion will get sales. If you have a unique design, the artwork alone is not going to convert to sales.

8. Schedule information

You can gather as much information as possible about your product. Schedule and plan how you will display it.

9. Never use credit cards to finance your business

Always have a business plan and have some professional investor funding your business. This way, you will get sound business advice as well.

10. Research costs before doing trade shows

Trade shows do increase sales. So, do your research on which trade shows will work well for you.

11. Set goals for sales

This will help you grow your business and come up with strategies for sales. Once you reach targets, you will be encouraged to sell even better.

12. Invest in yourself

If you are a jewelry designer look the part. Your personal image also enhances the brand value.


Every business requires time to grow. Don’t make hasty decisions. Give time and let it flourish.

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