Understanding the word deductible amount in Pet Insurance

Understanding the word deductible amount in Pet Insurance

People sure go to buy pet insurance after comparing various pet insurance from https://www.petinsuranceu.com. The site is good which has every little piece of knowledge that a person wants to know about pet insurance. Still, there is one word that a person needs t understand on their own. Here that word is deductible. The deductible amount is used in car insurance from many years. Here in pet insurance deductible is the part of the amount that is paid as a part of the bill. The insurance company does not pay the amount in full. The refund that has to be made should be instated at the beginning when the policy has been taken. Many of the pet insurance companies do not explain the clearly the need of deductibles. There are normally two types of deductibles.


  1. Single incident Deductibles: Here each time the pet get a treatment a part of the money is to be paid by the owner and other parts of the money is paid by the insurance company.

Example: The dog had been diagnosed due to various sicknesses. The vets had examined the pet with all the needed procedures. Hence you were having a pet insurance you were saying that you are ready for any kind of treatment for the benefit of the pet.  The vet gives the bill of $1000 that has to be paid. Here the monthly or annually fees only has to be paid to the pet insurance company with the per incident detectible amount. The remaining amount is paid by the pet insurance company.

  1. Same Incident Deductible: Here the amount is only paid once for a single treatment. If the treatment has to happen again then the amount is not paid by the owner but pet insurance company pays the charges in full.

Example: According to the policy you are having an annual deductible of $300 and per incident deductible is of $100, which total ups for $400. The dog has to go through diagnosis twice in a year. Here the policy had been taken already thus only the annual fee has to be paid with per incident fee. When the dog is being taken for the second time then only per incident deductible amount that is $100 is to be paid. The entire rest amount will be paid for the diagnosis for the full year by the company.

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