What a Disability Lawyer Does for you

What a Disability Lawyer Does for you

The process of applying for Social Security disability can be overwhelming and stressing, especially since you are not in your healthy state. Although it’s not mandatory to you have a disability lawyer by your side, you’ll find it very beneficial to bring them on board.

A disability lawyer has experience dealing with the Social Security Administration and is well versed when it comes to taking care of a range of issues that may crop up throughout the application process. They will also serve as the communicator between you and the Social Security Administration.

Note that the application process is often very complex and can easily take a toll on you. The insurance company is also up in arms not to make it easier on you. It is in your best interest to lawyer up.

Here is what a disability lawyer does for you:

Review your case from beginning to end

Irrespective of where you are in the application process, your lawyer will keenly study your case, and everything it involves, including your long-term disability qualifications. They will then determine the best course of legal action that you can take going forward. A good lawyer will help draft a compelling story around your case, building a plan on how you’ll win the case.

Remove the guesswork from the process

Unlike you who is probably trying it out for the first time, your lawyer does this for a living, so they have a better understanding of the process and everything that goes into it. The disability lawyer will see to it that your application is complete so that your claim is not denied.

Gather evidence for you

Medical evidence is a crucial aspect in Social Security disability cases and can help make the difference between a denied or approved claim. Once you sign a medical records release, your lawyer will collect the necessary medical records as well as tests. They will also analyze loads of documents to obtain any vital information that will add value to your case. Lastly, the attorney may collaborate with healthcare providers to collect supportive letters or opinion statements.

Keep in touch with the Social Security Administration

The Social Security office gets an enormous volume of claims every day. On top of that, the application is complicated, packed with deadlines and different formalities that will make your head spin before you even get halfway through the process. Disability lawyers take the stress out of the process – they communicate with the Social Security Administration for you, so you won’t have to.

Help you navigate the appeals process

If your claim is denied in the initial level and are planning to appeal, you’ll have several distinct steps to follow, all which have to be completed within a specified timeframe. A lawyer will help you navigate through this daunting process.

Represent you in court

Disability hearings can be stressful and require adequate preparation. Your disability lawyer will prepare you for the trial and also represent you before the administrative law judge. The lawyer will even question your witnesses and address any expert witnesses.

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