What Are Virtual Estate Agents and How Do They Help You?

What Are Virtual Estate Agents and How Do They Help You?

As technology advances, the capabilities of virtual estate agents are likely to increase dramatically. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality software in particular could change the face of house-buying. There has been no better time to find out what virtual estate agents can do.

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Estate agents that use virtual reality software will be able to offer prospective buyers virtual tours of a property. This allows the agent to operate 24 hours a day, with no need to worry about scheduling viewings at times convenient to both buyer and seller.

A virtual estate agent will conduct this tour and be able to answer the buyer’s questions as well as asking questions of their own. The artificial intelligence can then authenticate these answers by performing credit checks and referring to the land registry database, for example.

This is just one way in which modern technology and software makes the buying and selling process quicker and easier. Property inventory software is available from companies such as inventorybase.com to make every part of the process more efficient.

Many customers are likely to want to visit a bricks-and-mortar estate agent. Virtual estate agents can still have a main office on the high street where traditional valuations and viewings are booked, but virtual tours can also be offered. There does need to be continuity between virtual and human representatives to maintain the agent’s brand and values. Virtual tours offer a way for estate agents to modernise and appeal to more customers.

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No virtual estate agent can put a property on the market without permission from the seller. This includes the seller giving their approval to the virtual representation of their property. Artificial intelligence can be used to answer a buyer’s questions, but the seller should approve prospective answers. There will also have to be a disclaimer to avoid liability for any misrepresentation.


To choose the correct virtual estate agent, you need to profile your prospective buyers. This allows you to pick an agent that matches the buyer’s preferences. Many people are more likely to trust someone from a similar background to them. Use older, more smartly dressed agents to deal with older and wealthier customers. Conversely, younger buyers are less likely to be interested in formality and may prefer a younger, more casually dressed representative.

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