What is Boberdoo?

by Debra Valenza | May 1, 2017 6:49 am

Boberdoo is a software which is especially built for lead generating industries and is being used by many people since the year 2001. This software will make your business cross new level. If you own a lead industry, this software will be the best option for you if you are looking for automating your business.

What is the use of Boberdoo?

Boberdoo Alexa skill development[1] will help you with variety of tasks like- lead distribution, accounting, billing, reporting and lead management. When all these tasks are taken care of, you can relax and focus on other important things to make your business grow faster.

Functions of Boberdoo:-

  1. Lead routing-

Boberdoo will perform lead routing function through real time web. It will track, segment and distribute lead.

  1. Ping post-

Boberdoo helps with ping post solutions. This includes functions like profit margin calculation, dealing with pricing scenarios and sharing with partners.

  1. Call routing-

Boberdoo is a perfect software which allows you to make raw calls, click to call campaigns and for live transfer of calls.

  1. Affiliate management-

You can manage your affiliate logins through this single system. You can also create phone, builder, host and post and web campaigns through Boberdoo.

  1. Billing and reporting-

You can prepare bills for each lead sale and that too with other payment options like prepaying, automating invoices and also automatic re-billing. The other tools which Boberdoo provide are- notifying, reporting and many others.

  1. Filter options-

Boberdoo provides various filter options for the buyers so that you can understand what each buyer wants and at what cost he will purchase your product.

Benefits of Boberdoo:-

Customer reviews-

The customers who bought Boberdoo software are totally satisfied with it. They have given it 4.5 stars out of 5 and they are very happy with this purchase. There are other lead distribution softwares and there was something missing in them but Boberdoo is perfect, it has everything you would want. This software has helped the customers to increase their profit limits in the business by several times. They love the support provided by the company. They are helped anytime they want by the support team. Also the support team always responds to their queries online. This software provides best features and flexibility for use. This can be operated through computer or mobile etc.

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