What is Mobile Racking Storage?

What is Mobile Racking Storage?

Mobile racking storage is a new development in the logistics and handling industry which allows warehouses to maximise storage space.


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What is it?

Mobile racking consists of shelves like any other that hold pallets of goods, but the difference is that these shelves are on wheels and tracks and can therefore be moved. An additional benefit to this type of storage, as opposed to redesigning your warehouse with narrower aisles, for example, is that you can continue to use your used pallet racking since the construction of tracks will be tailored to your existing space.

How Can Mobile Racking Storage Benefit Warehouses?

Mobile or movable racking storage promotes flexibility in warehouses and other such storage buildings. By introducing a storage system that can be moved as and when access is required, warehouses can increase the number of pallets that can be stored on the premises. Warehouses can almost double the space they once used and, with this increased capacity, can do more business and take in more money. This opportunity for extra income might be what gives many warehouses the push to install mobile racking on their premises, as it means that they can recover the expenditure later down the line and thus making it a worthwhile investment.


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Who Can I Speak to About Mobile Racking Storage?

Most suppliers of warehouse storage will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. If you are looking for a pallet racking distributor based in Ireland, you may wish to contact RackZone (http://www.rackzone.ie/), previously known in the trade as Duffy Discount, who are able to offer a wide range of products and services relating to your warehouse needs.

Warehouse racking should always be planned thoughtfully to ensure efficiency and safety, so consult these top tips which highlight ways that you can keep your storage space efficient and risk-free.

Turning a Lack of Floor Space into a Myth

With the ability to slide the shelves in an easy gliding motion thanks to wheels and tracks set to the ground, this modern storage method allows the normally wasted space in between aisles to be used, and thus reduces empty floor space previously required for access by workers and trucks. This breakthrough is now countering the myth that warehouses are too full – you just need to use the space you have to its optimum!

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