Which Telephone System Is Best for Business: Traditional or VoIP?

Which Telephone System Is Best for Business: Traditional or VoIP?

it is imperative for customers to be able to reach you whenever they have questions or need help with the products or services your company has sold them. However, without a good telephone system, contacting a specific person within your organisation can be problematic. Today, businesses have the choice between traditional landline systems and VoIP telephone systems and this information can help you choose the best system for your company.

Traditional Telephone Systems

Many businesses still use traditional or landline business systems because they work well for them. Their features often rival those that you can get with a VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, system. Some of the features of a traditional system include call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, call blocking, and voice mail.

The service and the features are provided by a telephone carrier and, depending on how many telephone lines your business requires, they can be expensive. Some small businesses may only need five to ten lines, while large corporations may need hundreds of lines run through a PABX, or private automatic branch exchange.

One of the many advantages to this system is that the Internet and telephone system are separate, so if the Internet crashes for some reason, it doesn’t interrupt telephone service too. Traditional business telephone systems can be customised to suit your company’s needs and, once in place, they may rarely require technical support. However, if you need to expand the system, it will require additional hardwired lines.

VoIP Telephone Systems

A VoIP telephone system is operated through an Internet provider instead of a telephone company and hardwired landlines like a traditional system. It offers all the same features as a traditional system, which can be managed and listened to through your computer. These systems have many advantages including costs as you don’t need to add more lines to expand the system and a traditional system can be easily replaced with a VoIP system.

There can be some quality differences with this type of system over a traditional one. Although it has good quality and sound clarity, it may not be as reliable as a landline system. Also, if your company’s Internet service or power experiences disruptions, then your phone system will go down as well. However, you don’t have to pay per line with a VoIP system, which makes it more cost-efficient.

Most companies who sell business telephone systems offer both traditional and VoIP options to their customers. They can help you select the best system for your business, install it, and offer any additional technical support you may need. Among some the many companies offering these services is Commander Centre, which offers many different business systems from some of the most well-known names in the telecommunications industry.

A good telephone system will help your company keep in touch with its customers and suppliers without breaking the budget each month. Whether you’re just starting a business or upgrading your current telephone system, a telecommunications consultant can help customise a traditional or VoIP system for your business needs.

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