Why Your Business Needs Expert SEO Services

by Andrew Johnson | April 5, 2019 7:17 am

In 2019, hiring SEO expert services[1] for your business can lead to growth. While search engine optimization has changed since Google integrated its algorithms, consumers searching for relevant content online have not. In order to increase your web traffic and profit margin, your company must be able to compete in your industry on the Internet.

Standard SEO and Expert SEO Differences

When choosing a company to handle your search engine marketing, you must understand the difference between standard and expert services. A standard company typically provides a short list of solutions that could potentially help your business website rank in search engine results.

Most of the services are tailored around keyword marketing, and do not include additional technologies that now provide faster results. A majority of companies that offer a regular solution do not spend the time marketing your website; however, but build landing pages that they own and control. When you terminate an SEO service contract, you do not own the landing pages.

An expert company will incorporate social media ads, pay-per-click and display ads in viral videos to accurately market your business. By building a network of multiple inbound marketing funnels, more potential customers will have access to your products and services.

With a more experienced company, a team of specialists will review your existing promotional plan, and changes will be made routinely to ensure that expected results can be achieved. The best companies will employ a team of writers that create engaging and informative content that will be promoted in a variety of ways online.

Local Search Versus Nationwide Search

One mistake that companies make when hiring a digital marketing agency to handle traffic building is putting too much emphasis on hard-to-rank keywords. Basic agencies that provide organic search marketing often target high traffic keywords in order to boost rankings in search engines online. While it is possible to improve site rankings, it is often very competitive and can be expensive.

The expert SEO services supplied by top agencies are very different. Since most business owners get the majority of their customers in their local area, a local marketing campaign is usually the best option. An organization that sells products or services in California would not benefit from getting phone calls from customers in New York.

A search engine specialist with experience in your local area will provide better results. By incorporating blog or viral video content that is hometown based, trust will be built with potential customers. Studies have shown that more people now look-up a company on the Internet first prior to doing business with them in their local area.

SEO Competition Analysis and Reporting

Whether you own a new business or established one, competition with other companies in your industry cannot be avoided. Buying the services of a low-cost search engine marketing agency usually does not include any competitor analysis solutions. While you can continue selling your services and products, your direct competitor might be stealing your current or potential customers away.

When you hire a specialist that provides competition analysis, you can be certain that you will actually be able to compete with or beat your competition. A professional agency will closely examine what your competitors are doing better than you, and create a solution that will help your organization to be more competitive.

Through the creation and analysis of accurate reports, data can be evaluated regularly to assist in making better decisions about improving your online marketing campaign.

Whether you have the choice to pay for expert SEO services or pay for standard services that may be cheaper, you are now armed with the information to help you decide.

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