Is it Worth Using an AdWords Management Company?

Is it Worth Using an AdWords Management Company?

With Adwords the goal is simple, getting the search to perform the desired action: usually either a sign-up or a purchase. The main way to differentiate one click from another is by what Adgroup the clicks flows through. In theory, at least each Adgroup is setup to attract a specific target. The problem quickly narrows down to trying to define which keywords and ads provide the lowest bounce rate or the lowest rate at which people leave your site after clicking on your ad.

And here the solution it either to spend time learning all the stuff and spend some more time and a lot of hands-on effort to get it just right and maintain it. Or hire a professional that will do it for you leaving you to fully concentrate on your product. And nowadays the competition has done its job lowering the prices to a pretty affordable level, given the great return on spend.

In the next article, we’re going to see how exactly management companies can help you.


It is the most accurate, fast, and reliable way to track your progress and make assessments. And although Google Analytics has some wonderful free tools for this and should be used if you do not have an analytics provider, for a greater effect you should get professional help. They’ll help you get the ideal convergence by having a high-quality score, that will reduce your bid price, and ensure your placement “above the fold” on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Without professional analytics trying to determine success based on Cost Per Click or Click Through Rate alone will not give you your best chance at success.

Qualified Impressions

In Google Adwords, the goal is to get your ad seen by the people who are searching for what you are selling. While Google actually has two definitions for an impression, the common factor is the search query itself.

A qualified impression would then be best defined as a search query that closely matches your keyword list. Good marketers have a keyword list that is narrowed down for a quality traffic, thus helping you receive qualified impressions. With those qualified impressions, you’re going to accomplish quite a bit with the 70 characters that Google allows for ads.

For this. you must

  1. capture the attention of the reader while
  2. including terms relevant to the search and
  3. enclose the relevant terms in a phrase that entices readers to click all the while
  4. making sure that your ad fits within Google’s rules. Phew!

Hiring professional for your AdWords campaign means that THEY are responsible for all of this. If your site ends up losing in the rankings, then they’re the ones who have to fix it. Always take them up on maintenance services when offered. This kind of work is time-consuming, and this is work that never ends. It’s a constant battle with other competitors and with search queries.

One Last Thing

By hiring a good AdWords management company, you can stay focused on the other aspects of running your site. There’s a belief that online business owners ought to never try being the marketers and the managers of a site simultaneously. They should be able to focus on one part or the other, or else both sides will suffer to some degree.

And don’t forget that doing yourself can get you into trouble. You can use some bad techniques without even realizing it. You could have your site banned or be penalized for it. Simple mistakes have caused many to suffer for it.

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