Xapo Review

Xapo Review

What is Xapo?

Many people in other parts of the world may not be well aware about Xapo but the whole truth will be set out through this article. Xapo is a bit coin wallet which has over the years provided an excellent online service as far as online bit coin storage and transfer from one user to another is concerned. The best thing about the platform is that it is very efficient and reliable. Xapo allows you to transact online but provides for an ATM  transaction using visa cards. You will be amazed also to find out that Xapo is a platform where you can make a sizeable purchases online using bit coins.

How to get yourself a Xapo account

Just like any other online platform, you can open a Xapo account through the internet by simply providing the basis details. For example, with your email, payment method verification and password; you are eligible to running a bit coin review. By the time of this review one bit coin is equal to approximately 11,300 USD. This is far much great an amount as compared to other online money transaction platforms. As long as your account has been flagged as secure and ready, you are allowed to purchase, send money using bit coins and receive payments through bit coins. Please visit vkool.com

Xapo’s safety procedures

Unlike other platforms where safety is an issue among customers, Xapo guarantees you the best security features run by both the account holder as well as the administrator. It has various levels of verification where you can ensure that the user of the account is only you and no one else. The other astonishing measure for security is that for the first transaction to go through, you are allowed a grace period of 48 hours. This one of the key security feature as it ensures that claims are made before the expiry of the security grace period.

There are three main security feature attached to Xapo which are crucial in ensuring safety of your funds. The first one is the use of cryptographic information. This is basically configuring the system in such a way that it cannot allow you to do anything through the account without verifying your identity.  You will be amazed also to find out that there are various physical security features which include underground vaults which store detailed security information. This ensure backup whenever the normal security features are breached. Another feature is that the use of jurisdiction in storing crucial information helps Xapo avoid catastrophic elements in different parts of the world which might affect the system.

Basic elements of Xapo

The five main elements that distinguish Xapo from other online platform include: Coinbase, Wirex, Bitpay, Mycelium and Blackchain. With these elements or you can call them applications, you will be in beer place to transact even using your smart phone. All these elements are crucial for ensuring stay connected to the system and that you are able to send money, purchase goods and services online as well as hold the security of your account firm.

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