10 tips and ideas that can help in preventing workplace incidents

10 tips and ideas that can help in preventing workplace incidents

Workplace safety is an extremely relevant topic for employees and businesses alike. An unexpected and unfortunate incident can create ripples within the enterprise, but the good thing is most of the workplace accidents and mishaps can be avoided. In this post, we have listed down the 10 tips that may come handy for managers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

  1. Know the possible hazards. This can be a good point to start your work with workplace safety. If you know what can go wrong, finding the solutions is much easier. Make sure that everything is in writing.
  2. Response and protocols must be in writing. In case of a sudden mishap, what should be the response of the team at work or your managers? If you are known to certain scenarios, ensure that the protocols related to it are in place.
  3. Update the safety and security equipment. With changing times and norms, the safety equipment and field security gear must be updated. Consider reviewing the same at least once in three to five years.
  4. Take feedback. More often than not, business fail to register and understand the concerns of their employees. Always take feedback from your managers, field workers, and employees to know what can be done better.
  5. Get incident reporting software. Check for incident reporting software and apps like 1st Incident Reporting, which can ease the process of reporting and offer reliable analytics that can help in making changes.
  6. Use signage. If you have a manufacturing unit, make sure that the signage for danger is mentioned in detail. Even the smaller signs make a huge difference.
  7. Conduct workshops. Once in a while, a workshop on workplace safety can be useful for your employees and staff members who work in the field. Engage with your employees, talk to them about safety and foster a productive and cooperative environment.
  8. Encourage breaks between work. Excessive stress at the workplace that lead to unfortunate mistakes and incidents. Make sure that your employees get breaks during the shift.
  9. Follow up the norms. If there are certain laws, norms applicable to your business, keep a tab on them to avoid fines and penalties.
  10. Use the analytics data. If you have incident reporting software or a record for incidents and mishaps, use the analytics data to draw conclusions, so that proactive steps can be taken in time.

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