Adding Platelet Rich Plasma To Your Medical Business

Adding Platelet Rich Plasma To Your Medical Business

Do you consider yourself a practitioner on the cutting edge of medical technology? Do you want to be? PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy may be just the thing for you then.

PRP is one of the most innovative therapies in the medical field today. In the past, this type of therapy could only be offered in a hospital setting, but with the advancements made in recent years, PRP can be offered in an office setting with ease.


PRP uses a patient’s own blood which is spun and platelets are separated out for be re-injected back into the patient. PRP stimulates the body’s own healing process. PRP can be used post-op or to promote healing in injured tissue.

PRP can also be a viable and cost-effective alternative to dermal fillers. They are a great option for patients who cannot tolerate hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm, etc.


Dentists and orthopedists comprise a large number of the specialties that utilize this therapy currently. However, any medical specialty would benefit from PRP. It is one of the most cost effective and safe ways to treat pain and injuries in patients.


Since this is a fairly new procedure, practitioners require training in administration and appropriate uses of the therapy. Fortunately, Dentox offers a comprehensive course that covers everything a practitioner needs to include PRP therapy as part of their services. From the clinical perspective of how to spin and prepare the concentrated plasma, to appropriate protocols and outcomes, this course explains everything a practitioner requires to implement PRP therapy in their own practice.

The training course also addresses how to code and bill procedures to ensure reimbursement. They will advise you on what kinds of revenue potential you can expect with PRP.

The courses are created and taught by Dr. Howard Katz, who has played a pivotal role in researching alternative uses for Botox for certain medical conditions. Dentox has been offering these courses for over 20 years and is constantly updating course content to address the latest breakthroughs and advancements available. They have been the premier choice for Botox training in Los Angeles and have trained hundreds of physicians in Botox and hyaluronic filler administration.

Be a leader in your field and add PRP therapy to your services menu. Not only will you experience an increase in profits, but your overall patient base can be expected to grow as well.

To find our more information on the next PRP course available, visit:

Live Botox | Dermal Fillers | PRP | DentoX LIFT Training – Los Angeles

Live Botox | Dermal Fillers | PRP | DentoX LIFT Training – New York City

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