An Old dresser and how to re-invent it

An Old dresser and how to re-invent it

Many people have old pieces of furniture in their home that no longer excite them. Instead of throwing out old furniture, there are many ways to upcycle and revamp the piece to create something new and fresh. Read on for some ideas about re-inventing an old dresser.

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Dressers are common features of many homes, and some can be plain pieces that don’t grab attention. However, there are a few ways you can spruce up an old dresser and turn it into something fun and new again.

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Fresh Paint

The most obvious way is to use paint to change the colour. Paint can cover up imperfections in the finish and help it match your room. You could paint the whole unit one colour or use different colours for the drawers. There are online guides that can help you paint furniture as a DIY job, such as this guide from the Guardian.


Using stencils to draw a design on the dresser is another way to make it look fresh and modern. The stencil could give a geometric effect or something more ornate and artistic. There are so many options; just look in an art shop to find the right stencil for your furniture piece.


Another way to add interest to a dresser is to use decorations, such as free-standing oars propped up alongside the piece. Nautical and Oars inspired dressers and décor.


Sometimes replacing just the drawers can work wonders for revamping a dresser. You could replace the drawers with new ones in different designs, materials or colours. You could also use something different, such as baskets or even vintage suitcases. Another option is to remove the drawers altogether and turn the dresser into a shelving unit.  Some people have taken to buying Pallet Racking Ireland products and sanding them down and converting them into drawers.  If you go to businesses like rackzone pallet racking then you could see the different types that are available as there are lots of variations of size.


As an alternative to paint, wallpaper can be used to cover the dresser and give it a new design and texture. You could use wallpaper on the whole piece or just the drawers.

A Whole New Item

Instead of keeping the dresser as a dresser, consider making it a whole new piece. It could become a bench, a kitchen island or a dressing table. Think outside the box to create something new, practical and beautiful.

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