Better Options for the Right Desk Space

Better Options for the Right Desk Space

The development of shared workspaces has been dazzling in recent years, to the point of becoming a real social phenomenon.A coworking space (or co-work in French) is literally a shared workplace consisting of premises, infrastructures and equipment for the purpose of exercising a professional or associative activity.

This organization of the professional activity also has a collaborative aspect, through the network of entrepreneurs that is created on site. There are 3 main motivations that induce the self-employed to work in a coworking space.

Coworking spaces host incredibly diverse entrepreneur profiles. From the architect to the masseur, to the designer furniture designer, everyone will have their reasons for wanting to work in a collective environment. However, three main motivations stand out. To search for shared desk space near you, you can have the best option now.

Break the isolation by coworking

Becoming independent has a hidden side unpleasant: isolation.

The loneliness of the entrepreneur is not a myth. In fact, the entrepreneur is rarely supported by his entourage. The entrepreneur is not supported in his decisions, he has no one to confide in.

With this in mind, some coworking spaces have created work spaces that are really geared to the needs of business leaders and creators.

Thus we will find in some coworking places:

  • a professional network complementary to your activity,
  • Thematic training (accounting, communication, etc.),
  • advice to / between entrepreneurs,
  • A nursery or business incubator.

The development of human relationships will be an incredible booster of creativity and motivation.

Fertile ecosystems for your creativity

You cannot create by staying cut off from the world.The spaces of coworking allow this opening on the world which constitutes the heart of the entrepreneurial dynamics.Exchanges between entrepreneurs make it possible to capture inspiration, to see further and to find solutions to very specific problems; business creators will benefit from the effervescence of a work environment in which various activities and visions mix.

Infrastructure adapted to the needs and budget of the self-employed

A novice entrepreneur may find it risky to invest in dedicated professional offices. Coworking spaces are an accessible alternative.

Here are some examples of services offered within coworking spaces:

  • reprographic equipment (printer),
  • internet access,
  • individual or shared offices,
  • meeting rooms,
  • a fully-equipped kitchen,
  • a restaurant,
  • conference rooms,
  • a service of domiciliation of your company,
  • a private telephone line,
  • office equipment (computers, software, etc.),
  • a nursery or daycare,
  • a gym,
  • a relaxation area,
  • artists’ studios,
  • courses and courses,
  • 24-hour access
  • events (professional meetings, lunches, thematic workshops, etc.),
  • an exhibition room (photo, painting …).

Work in a coworking space, the negative aspects and ways to get around them.The concept of coworking is not for all entrepreneurial profiles.Regardless of the professional activity performed, this type of shared space may not correspond to the expectations and needs of the entrepreneur, for example if the latter needs a high concentration or if he makes frequent trips.

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