Bridge between the Canadian Military and corporate Company

Bridge between the Canadian Military and corporate Company

In the year 2006, Canadian Company started a program with an initiate to take a strong step to protect troops who sacrifice their life day night. The organization is growing strong each and every day that was started with 600 members on board and now it has turned into an influential voice encouraging the troops on the home ground and aboard as well.

How the program started?

Last 10 years, Canada Company has recognized the reputation among many senior Military leaders, business community members, and media. It’s actually a bridge to connect between the corporate world and Canada’s Armed Forces. This company is a federally registered charity that was created in the year 2006 by the Canadian entrepreneur Blake goldring.

Mission – Support Canadian Military and families

Our mission is to support the military, their family, and Veterans, is mainly focused on two aspects:

Celebrate their heroism

It was Blake’s vision to provide a better subsidiary for the soldiers and also access to secondary education. The company was established during Afghanistan conflict in May 2006. Initially, the program started with 158 fallen soldiers and allowed donors to provide access to education for 100 fallen soldier’s children.

Consequently, the allowance fund grew to $ 3.5 million and increased to add children of military members who dedicated their lives to military services. Our LAV III program was initiated in the year 2014 to honor the troops helped in Afghanistan.

Blake says, “Driven be the deep appreciation for the selflessness of our military services we started Canada Company. Our mission started with the motto to protect the legacy of military and their families, also to provide scholarships for the children who sacrificed their life for our country. The appreciation toward the military continued and that’s where we gave a thought to do something that benefits our soldiers and help the Canadians with the unique skill set.”

Building a better nation

Every year around 5,000 Veterans says goodbye to the military, while few take retirement and others are injured. However, some of them are healthy and in need of a career employment.  A report says that many Veterans tell it was frustrating and disappointing seeing the transition experiences.

The survey on evolution to civilian life conducted in online says that 38% of Veterans didn’t succeed in making a transition. An in-depth study conducted on 25 transitioned Veterans concluded that 57% said that their transition was either moderate or difficult.

Program that connects for better career

Based on the survey Canada Company included other programs for the military members called Military Employment Transition services which are abbreviated as MET services. The MET program offers huge educational programs and career options that are prescribed exclusively for the Veterans and military members.

We also provide METSpouse program that helps to empower viable career opportunities for military spouses by providing unique career options. Blake goldring started the MET program that focuses on the alignment of skills, knowledge, and experiences the transition of CAF members with employers needs across many industry sectors.

The program includes online tools and resources that are available for both Veterans and military members. Our MET program also gives the opportunities to get connected with other military employers.

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