Creating an Office Space on a Shoestring Budget

Creating an Office Space on a Shoestring Budget

Have your small business operations outgrown the tiny home office you’re presently working in? Perhaps you’ve decided to hire full or part-time staff or your need to have a physical location for meeting with clients has increased. Whatever the reason may be, as an entrepreneur on a shoestring budget, if you’re going to afford a new office space and the associated costs that come with it, you’ll need to learn a few savvy tips to save you money along the way. Here are a few:

Share Office Space

Trying to afford an entire office building or floor on your own could prove costly. Rather than adding thousands of dollars per month to your expenses for a lease, you might look for companies who are leasing offices. Sharing a space will cut your expenses immensely and could also create an opportunity for growth. When you’re in a building with an already established brand, you could increase your exposure to their client base providing you with an opportunity to grow your business.

Buy Used Furniture

You may have dreamed about the big office in the high rises with all glass windows and only the finest of furniture and accessories, however, when you’re just starting off, investing too much in furniture is a waste. Instead, search for things like used cubicles, desks, chairs, and tables online. You can find good quality furniture that can get you started and then upgrade your office furniture as your budget allows.

Buy Refurbished Electronics

Just as you don’t need to invest a lot into furniture, you also don’t have to go overboard with the electronics. In this day and age, it goes without saying that you need things like a computer, printer, scanner, and/or fax machine to effectively operate your business. That being said, look for refurbished products. When electronic devices become damaged, they are sent back to the manufacturer for repairs and then resold for less. They often come with a small warranty to provide an added layer of protection.

Going overboard on the setup of an office space for most entrepreneurs isn’t the wisest investment to make – at least not until the profits start rolling in. While a designated area for conducted business is crucial to your brand’s reputation, there are ways to allocate a professional space that is accommodating to your clients and allows you to get the job done right. Each of the above-mentioned tips will most certainly help you stay on budget as you prepare a new office space.

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