Developing your dental business could be easier than you think

Developing your dental business could be easier than you think

No one wanders through life finding it easy, but there are some things that are much more difficult than others, and marketing your business is often one of them. After all, of course you think that your business is excellent! When it is impossible to remove your own bias, it is hard to see exactly what isn’t working right now, and how you can go about trying to fix it. However, if you have a dental business then developing your marketing plan may not actually be as complicated as you think. That is because a dental business, no matter who you are or where you practice, is only so different from any other dental business – and although you may consider this to be a problem, you should start to use it to your advantage.Image result for Developing your dental business could be easier than you think

For a start, you can make sure that you focus a lot of your marketing time on shouting about any procedures, tests, or options that you offer that very few dentists do. This will often only be one thing, so make sure that you consider your dental practice carefully, but there will be something. Perhaps you have great experience with helping people who are afraid of the dentist. Perhaps you specialise in helping children to get their check-ups. Perhaps you are the only dentist in your town to offer completely painless fillings. Whatever it is that makes you different, even if it simple and boring in your eyes like having your own large private car park, make that the center of your marketing plan.

Now that you have found what it is that makes you different, you need to start creating a problem in people’s minds that your difference solves. For example, if you decide to choose your amazing car park, start your marketing with the question: isn’t it complicated to find a parking space in town when you’re in a hurry? By posing this as a question, you will find that people automatically respond silently in their heads. Yes, actually, it is a real struggle to find a parking space, especially on a Saturday. By agreeing with you, they start to identify with you. Say you took another difference to be your focus, like painless fillings. You would ask the question: doesn’t the thought of a painful filling put you off seeing your dentist? Anyone who sees that is going to agree.

Now that you have a rapport with a person, offer them the solution – a solution that only you can offer, and one that until a few moments ago, they did not even realize was a problem. Don’t worry about finding a parking space when you book an appointment with me, because I offer two hours free parking in my private car park! Brilliant, thinks the person. I can get my dental check-up done, and pick up the laundry from down the road. Or if you’ve taken the other approach: That’s why I only offer completely painless fillings through new modern technology! That’s amazing, thinks the person – I’ve never heard of painless fillings before. I wonder whether they really can be completely painless? Whether you decide to offer your prospective patients something extra for visiting you, or make them curious about something you offer, you now have given them the impetus to come and book an appointment with you.

These are just two examples of the ways that you could completely set your dental business apart from the others that are competing in your area, and as time goes by you may decide to focus on a new difference, all the while bringing in new patients.  



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