Do You Want Advertise Your Mobile App Easily?

Do You Want Advertise Your Mobile App Easily?

Congrats developer!

So you’ve finally built your mobile app uh? J

Now are you ready to introduce to ad world?

Cause we’ready to helping you with this excellence resource.

With this article we’d like to share quick and smart tips to advertising your mobile app easily.

But first;

  • What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the art of creating marketing campaigns for your mobile app to reach your target audience at customer flow of the marketing funnel.

  • Why you need disruptive mobile marketing strategy?

Today, 2019 According to reports, 40% of user’s internet time is spent on mobile devices, which means you have no option to ignoring the rise of mobile marketing.

Until from a lot more people own mobile phones than desktops or laptops, today, mobile marketing is key solution helps the marketer their audience either by SMS or push notifications. Mobile marketing also gives the advantage of targeting capabilities.

Mobile strategy is not an extension of the online strategy.

You should focus on your customer’s journey as a regular user with your app.

Mobile is not a another channel.

It is a most important touchpoint to your target audience.

  • How you start advertising your mobile app?

Before you creating campagins in any platform you should make sure that your mobile app being optimized with title and description in Google Play Store and App Store.

On the other hand you should not ignore of the organic users which is coming from your website, app store search or some partnerships.

Let’s look at how you can start advertise your mobile app.

  1. Create your web page.

    Make a basic and clear landing page of your app. Don’t forget. Sometimes just one sentence is enough your audience to engage your app

  2. Use the power of social media and your blog.

Please no post in every day with your lunch or dinner picture on your channels. Do it wisely. Focus on your solution and caring. Not sales, campaigns or price.

  1. Create your boost campaign in Google Ads and Facebook.
    Google and Facebook still one of the best advertising tool for marketers. Run your campaings and start getting download of people’s newsfeeds.

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Before the start your marketing campaigns, look at our UK finance app advertising report and get some insights for the market.

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