How To Keep Your Vending Machine Running Smoothly

How To Keep Your Vending Machine Running Smoothly


Whether they’re stocked with sodas, chips, or trendy mason jar salads, vending machines can be a tremendous source of income. They also occasionally require repairs. With preventative maintenance, however, you can make those professional service calls few and far between. Here are three tips for keeping your vending machine in tip-top shape.

Keep It Clean

Smudged glass and sticky buttons aren’t exactly appetite enhancers. Once every four months, clean the entire machine with warm water and a mild soap. Sanitize all of the buttons, and pay special attention to the dollar bill validator. Keeping it hygienic and free from muck can mean less rejected cash and less chance that the unit will malfunction.

Using compressed air, you should clean the condenser coils regularly, too — or enlist the help of a reputable company offering vending machine repair Los Angeles. How frequently you clean the coils depends on where the machine is located; at a minimum, they should be cleaned twice a year. If the machine is frequently subjected to dust and debris, such as in a garage or warehouse, they may require cleaning as often as once a month.

Keep It Cool

Direct sunlight and vending machines can be a hazardous combination, even your machine isn’t full of burritos and caviar. If the machine basks in the sun 24/7, it can overheat, and that can trigger equipment malfunctions and failures. Vending machines should always be positioned at least 4-6 inches away from walls and other barriers. This allows air to flow behind and around the machine, which can also prevent the unit from overheating.

Keep It on the Level

A vending machine that’s teetering on uneven ground is more prone to breakdowns than one that’s level and secure. If your machine is unbalanced, you can correct it much the same way you might level out your dining room table, such as by using a plywood wedge.

Vending machines not only come with a low cost of entry, but they also allow you the freedom to be your own boss. With regularly scheduled maintenance, this attractive business venture can be a low-stress source of income for years to come.


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