Is SEO dead?

Is SEO dead?

Remove reviews from Google is hard to do and can cost your business quite a bit of resources. The best course of action is to be on top of all the reviews being posted. It is normal to have people write reviews under your company’s page even negative ones but what is most important is what you do once it’s there.

Do not ignore it since it will look bad to the public and the person who posted it may never come back and do business with you again. The best course of action is to reply by being completely understanding and suggest a solution to the problem. This way the public who will come across this in the future will see your efforts and be more willing to convert. Another way to be in control of what information comes up about you; it is advisable to look into SEO.

There are a lot of articles out there on the right practices for SEO and every year it keeps on evolving with the latest Google algorithm changes. Recently, SEO specialists have starting discussing about Google’s machine learning and the limited space available for organic search. The question came up if SEO is on its way to becoming obsolete. To get to the bottom on this question, it is necessary to understand the journey to the question itself. If you have any knowledge at all about search engine optimization, then you know that the latest Google algorithm has upgraded to machine learning. This is due to artificial learning through the behaviors of the users. The more people search and click on a certain link, the harder it is to teach Google something else. There are two main areas of interest when looking at this, which are hummingbird and natural language as well as machine learning.

Hummingbird is the latest version of Google’s algorithm and machine learning relates to SEO to fulfill its potential. The idea is for Google to understand conversational speech through Hummingbird. The goal Google has for itself is to keep reinventing itself to I’ve you are you need for a simple and intuitive experience. It has even been said that at some point in our lives, taking out our smartphones to do a search will feel as archaic as a dial-up modem. This will impact SEO indirectly with machine learning.

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