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With most of the global economy on the upswing from the Recession, looking for jobs – even highly skilled ones – has become a much less stressful endeavor. This economic upswing, combined with an extensive suite of digital and online tools to quickly search and scan job offerings all over the world, finding work has never been easier.

For those looking for jobs in the UK, work opportunities have remained plentiful, particularly since the economic downturn that the UK experienced after the Brexit has begun to reverse. In addition, aside from global job search tools, there are a variety of job search engines that focus on jobs in the UK and all over continental Europe. Jobtome UK is one such job search engine that collects and posts jobs from hundreds of company websites and other job search engines to compile them in easy-to-read, RSS-style lists.
Jobtome was founded in 2012, and since then has become one of the largest job search websitesservicing Europe as well as other countries around the world. Millions of jobs are posted daily, offering a tremendous wealth of easily accessible opportunities for all kinds of work, from labor trades to academic employment. Headquartered in Switzerland, their company mission is to simplify the job search process as much as possible, and deliver job listings – and employment – quickly and easily into the hands of seekers.

The company has grown to service countries in eastern Europe, Asia, and North, Central, and South America in addition to Europe, including Finland, Argentina, France, and the Phillipines – to name but a few. Across its social media channels and blog, the company also shares helpful resources that can assist job seekers with the interview process and salary negotiations.

Jobtome: how it works

While some job search sites can be difficult to navigate, the search engine utilizes a highly simplistic and user-friendly interface. On its splash page, the job seeker can simply enter what type of work they are seeking and the location, and begin with a general search. The site also offers more tailored and specialized searches, allowing the seeker to filter jobs by distance from their residence, date or relevance of listings, company, or city area or neighborhood.

Users may also sign up for daily email-based job alerts based on the type of work they are seeking in a particular area. The site also features, on its front page, specific companies that are hiring in a variety of sectors – an especially useful feature for those interested in a specific company, or those who may be seeking another position within the company they are already working for.

Searching for work can be a highly stressful process; Jobtome’s easy to use interface and compilation of hundreds of thousands of jobs daily allows the user to quickly and easily search for work within their area of specialization, or even for their very first job. Those seeking jobs in the UK, whether UK nationals or those interested in emigrating from their home country, will undoubtedly find this useful tool to be an extraordinarily helpful resources in finding work.

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