Learning from Past Social Posts

Learning from Past Social Posts

Reputation management has been an area where many people and companies are continuously looking to improve and keep an eye on. Since the public turns to search engines to look for solutions to their problems such as a new refrigerator for example, they need to be sure their branded search turns up good.

A lot of companies are suffering from online reputation issues and they notice it through their sales. Depending on what the article or negative result is, it can even mean the difference between a company thriving or closing shop. The smartest thing to do is be on top of your reputation on search engines before someone else writes negative things that would affect you.

Social media is a great place to start since it is easy to set up and they all have high domain authorities. What this means is through the eyes of Google, they have a lot of traffic and especially for individuals for example, theirFacebook, LinkedIn, twitter and instagram pages show up high. But just opening them is not going to be enough since there needs to be interactions and engagement from other users.

There are companies who have come up with great Facebook posts that got the attention of a lot of people. To be able to send a great message to your target audience there are a few things to do beforehand. These include defining your brand in three words by setting your tone and knowing who you are speaking to.

If you think about all the different ways you can promote and advertise your brand, you might get lost in your company’s look. Make sure the to keep a consistent look through visuals to have a clear message. It will even show off your personality to attract people similar to what you represent.

After going through these steps, you will have a better idea on your niche. The voice your company emits will be developed and it is what sets you apart from competition. A trick to help you is to pick a few topics you know better than anyone else in your industry and work from there.

Sometimes people go through their Facebook wall in public places with no headphones on. In fact about 85 percent of videos are watched without sound so be sure to optimize your ads with no sound. A general rule of thumb for social media is to keep testing to see what gets the best responses.

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