The Smartest Options for Getting Inside the Board

Effective board member works of people requires specific skills that, unfortunately, do not develop in everyday life.

The formula is simple: lack of management skills = lack of effective board memberial works. And if you do not adhere to this axiom, your work in a management position will be torture both for subordinates and for you personally. Using these tips, you will learn how to do it quickly, clearly, efficiently. From boardsi you will find the best support.

The Choices

People do not work by themselves, they need to be “run” into the work. In the morning it is difficult for a person to start, and later when he has already “entered the rut” to stop. Therefore, in the morning and in the afternoon, teach yourself to bypass workplaces, and by your presence encourage subordinates to start work. Make sure that subordinates went out for lunch and left the workplace no later than indicated in their schedule (provided that there are no emergency situations). Thus, you will save employees from overwork, which is a kind of error prevention.

  • Follow this algorithm: first, you have distributed or confirmed tasks and only then begin to perform your own tasks. Do not force subordinates to wait for your tasks, it irritates them.
  • Instructions regarding assignments should be voiced as clearly as possible, loudly, and defectively. They should be completely different from the usual conversational manner. Repaired should not reflect and discuss what “it was” – a task, a wish, a joke of humor.
  • Plan your work for tomorrow. Highlight a specific time for this task, for example, from 14:00 to 15:00. And then at 15:00 you should already know exactly who and what you will have to do tomorrow.

There are separate workers from those who do not work, because one idle reeling person can distract up to six others from work. Disabled need to teach to hide.

Make a rule: having met a slacker, organize him the most unpleasant, dirty and stupid task.

Follow the organization of the working rhythm. Drive too slow and hold too fast. Your duty is to create a balance. If you do not push the team, then people will sell their unspent energy on the side: drink, walk, re-educate your wife, play personal and other people’s property in gambling. But if you drive the team too much, then you will face expensive and difficult to correct the error.

Apply the “carrot and stick” rule. Show publicly that you keep records of all the jambs and merits of your subordinates. Be able, when necessary, to praise: it motivates the employee, shows him that his work is valued. And use the “whip” when the behavior does not correspond to the due. This technique produces discipline. An academician, experimenting on dogs, found that the ideal proportion between reward and punishment is 7 to 1.

Do not meddle with subordinates with your help if the situation does not require it. Remember that your main task is to organize the work in such a way that it is carried out without your direct participation. After all, as Karl Marx used to say: “If you want to influence other people, then you must be a person who really stimulates and moves other people forward.”

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