Types Of Bridging Loan

Types Of Bridging Loan

There are two types of bridging loans: closed and open. Knowing the difference is great for bridging loans application.

Closed Bridging Loans:

From the name, you can tell that with this type of loan, you will need to return the amount you have borrowed within a stipulated time. The lender will provide the terms, the time limit makes this type of a bridging loan a closed one.

Open Bridging Loans:

You might need to part with a lot of money to qualify for an open bridging loan. These loans don’t have a time limit. You will return the money whenever you get it. This however calls for you to pay an extra interest because of the service they will offer.

If you need a bridging loan for property development than these are very good benefits that you will find when you are considering to property development.

  • You get instant money
  • You no need to have background for this type of loans
  • The big amount can be taken for real estate and other purposes
  • Bridging loans are flexible
  • They can be both long-term and short-term
  • You can approach Bridging loan companies in person if you need instant money

These are great for bridging loans and make this type of loans to stand out from the other types.

However, everything had its downside, and bridging loans are not excluded.

The middle class keep off bridging loans because of their high interest rates. These high interests will require paying a lot of money that is above the actual amount. But when an emergency occurs, the high interest rates do not matter much so still situations like these are great for bridging loans to come save the day.

The bridging loans companies use a bridging loan calculator before they lend any customer a loan. The calculators help in deciding the interest rate and some other factors that will affect the loan. The calculators are used for all both the open and closed types of the loan. The measures of deciding differ for different companies but the patterns are approximately the same.

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