Types of bullion gold bars 

Types of bullion gold bars 

Gold bullion has many shapes and sizes; according to which their value is decided. The way it is extracted and formed into bars is also different. The weight and purity of the gold determines its values. If you want to buy gold bullion online, there are many websites that are in the business. Gold bars are the most popular ones as they are easy to mine and form. They are also impressive if you want to gift it to somebody; it is a symbol of status.

Types of gold bars 

Minted gold bar – These are cut from a block of gold in almost similar way as a coin is cut. The process involved is known as minting and it involves various dyes that is used to form a specific texture and size of the bullion. The bar is shiny and lustrous which is the top priority by the buyers and investors. Minted gold bars are also embossed with words, which may be customized by the seller, on demand. They are safely sealed in packaging to prevent any damage that may affect the texture of the bar. 

Cast gold bar – These bars are made in the former stages as a final product. Molten gold metal is poured into bar shaped containers and then left to solidify at room temperature. The bars are then taken out from the containers. This technique can result in bars with improper shapes and rough surfaces. If you just want to acquire gold bullions as an investment you can go for cast gold bars. But they are not fit for presenting it as a gift. The purity and weight of the bar is considered when buying them; if the bars are impure, they are sent back for melting and refining to produce appropriate quality of gold.

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