Ways to start your own blog for beginners

Ways to start your own blog for beginners

Looking for ways to start your own blog? Are you wondering how to get started on your blog considering how there is so much information on the Web? How everyone is glossing on your ears to try out new adventures in your life?

Here are some reasons for you to start your own blog and connect with other bloggers

Below, I am going to show you the ways to start and create your own personal blog. But before we swoop in, I would like to discuss about why you need to build a blog.

  1. Blogging is a fabulous way to present yourself and a great way to share your information or experience with other people.
  2. Blogging has become a popular way of spreading and communicating info and news. You can see that there are many blogs online and it can motivate you to start your own blog.
  3. It is also a great way to make some money.
  4. You can get outstanding skills by becoming a better writer or person.

Five ways to start your own blog

Starting a blog is not as hard as creating a website for status (here you only need to apply little set of skills). There are five primary ways you require on how to start a blog. When you follow this guide to the letter, you can easily create your blog in less than 30 minutes or so.

  1. Select the blog platform you prefer

Deciding whether you need to create your blog is the first step you can make. Assuming you have already heard of WordPress since this is the platform that I would recommend. It is the best blogging platform internationally with uncountable plugins and almost countless methods to layout and start your blog. Many people are actively using WordPress today. These are my reasons why you must go for WordPress. WordPress is much quicker to create and free usage. It had loads of layouts and themes. – It has great support forum just in case you are into the blue. Your personal blog will become super-fast at it will look dashing and functional- You can interact with people easily and your content could be commented on, shared and many more.

  1. Selecting a web host for your blog

WordPress provides everyone with free blogs particularly to those of us who are not serious on blogging. But as always, it has its own downsides such as your free services can be limited. You cannot be capable to attain your personal domain name. You do not possess your blog

  1. Create a blog on your domain

You will need to think of your desired domain name like google.com, and a hosting firm to host your blog. When you have installed WordPress on your website, you can start blogging in your WordPress page admin. Which is www.yourblognamehere.com/wp-admin as always and start working on your new post.

  1. Create your WordPress blog

Your blog design must reflect both your personality and yourself and the theme of your blog. So, to pick an original theme you can go to appearance themes and install your free WordPress theme.

  1. Provide helpful resources for new beginners

Many bloggers come to the arena of blogging with altered online degrees and experience in social media. But all of us has made little newbie errors. There is always room for improvement and learning whether you are a beginner of a common blogger. There are a lot of blogging resources you can find all over the web like KevinOcasio.com, BloggingBasics101.com, etc.

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