Your pathway to a paid internship in Australia

Your pathway to a paid internship in Australia

A decade or two back having the required educational qualification was good enough for you to bag a job in the company of your choice. But, this is not the case anymore. Employers are looking for people skills and experience according to PGP Australia. This they strongly believe would not be acquired in the school setting. Then, how do the students acquire the skills without having a job? The answer to this question is the internship program.  When you are able to bag a paid internship opportunity, there cannot be a better thing that can happen to you. Internship in Australia is preferred among other destinations because of the number of paid internship opportunities that are available and also because it is an English speaking nation.

Why is Australia a favorite destination?

Though paid internship opportunities and ease of English being used as the speaking language the other factors such as sightseeing opportunities, a strong economy, favorable climatic conditions, the current minimum wage in Australia which is about AUD $18.29  as well as internship programs in almost all disciplines possible are factors enough to propel you towards considering an internship in Australia.

How do you go about it?

The steps involved in getting a paid internship opportunity in Australia include

Learn about the internship opportunities in Australia

 If you are still a student, you may talk to your University to learn about the possibility of an internship in Australia. Though you can get this information online, when you approach the University, you would be able to learn about the database of the internship as well as scholarships that are available for the same. You may also be able to bag course credits for an overseas internship.  Likewise, you may also be able to make use of the partnership your university has with international universities. This could be helpful in getting accommodations and taking up new courses you can pursue while being an intern.

Decide on the field of internship

This refers to the process of choosing the field in which you wish to do an internship in Australia. The options available are really huge, and all you have to do is to choose the field that would help you gain experience in your desired career path.

 Deciding where to go and when to go

Having decided to do an internship in Australia, it is important to where in Australia you intend to work as an intern.  Whether, you want to work in the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc. which has a lot to offer in terms of cultural experience and paid internship opportunities. It is in your best interests that you spend several months as an intern to acquire the necessary skills and experience. therefore, it is important for you to find out when you can afford to take the long break to do the internship.

 Searching and selecting

This refers to researching the various options that are open to you and choosing the best among them employing networking, social media, and online research.

 Visa options

 Once you have secured the internship, it is important to obtain the correct visa depending upon the internship in Australia in terms of length of time you would be staying there as well as whether you are going to pursue a course or not.

Follow the path that could lead you to a great internship program and a promising career thereafter.

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